Coastal Tiki Huts

Indigenous people throughout most of the world have produced various sorts of simple, efficient, and functional living structures to meet the needs of their particular environment and culture. The most recognizable are the famous tiki huts of Polynesia and the chickee huts of the Seminole Indians of south Florida.  Although construction varied depending upon native materials, some sort of natural thatching was placed over a wooden frame structure.

At Coastal Tiki, we offer the client a traditional, authentic looking tiki hut or cabana composed of premium, sable palm frond -thatched roofs over a base and frame of top grade pressure treated lumber.  Our background in commercial and residential docks (Expert Marine Construction) combined with a specialized, reliable source of labor from south Florida well versed in traditional methods of thatching, all combine to create the most attractive and durable leisure structures available.

Tiki huts have an almost endless variety of uses from simple shade nooks in your backyard (with or without a pool) to theming a bar or restaurant in order to achieve that relaxed atmosphere of the tropics.

Features and Information

Palm frond thatch is quite durable and is able to withstand wind and driving rains.  Most roofs last 5 to 7 years or better.

Pressure treated lumber for framing using stainless steel screws, galvanized bolts, and hurricane clamps.

Totally natural thatch – environmentally friendly sustainable resource.

Cool shade, typically 5-10 degrees cooler than canvas shade.

Each structure we offer is custom and of commercial grade.  These are not “tiki-in -a -box” kits for displays or trade shows.

Tikis enhance any space, creating a unique and fun environment.

Although we offer several standard sizes, we are able to customize any design to include lighting, electrical receptacles, fans, bar sinks, outdoor heating, as well as a full array of options for cooking or entertaining.

From pure Polynesian tiki complete with bamboo lighting and kitchen accoutrements designed to entertain your poolside guests to resort quality, commercial structures for the ultimate tropical feel in the Low Country – please give us a call for a free quote and consultation.