Expert Marine Construction (EMC) are marine contractors who have been in business since 1998. During this time, we have been providing quality dock and bulkhead design and construction for any number of dock sizes and configurations.

As fully licensed and insured marine contractors, we work to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our clients have a comfort level unmatched in the industry. Our project managers will inspect the construction project all along the way from piling penetration depth to the galvanized coating on bolts. Quality often lies in the details.

In addition to the construction and repair of docks and bulkheads, EMC provides a vast array of other products and services such as boat lifts, decks, boardwalks, gazebos, Tiki huts and golf course/real estate development related services such as  golf cart bridges and  water hazard retaining walls. In short we offer the best in design and installation of marine-grade lumber projects from the road to the river.

Insurance Requirements
Expert Marine Construction is licensed and fully insured. When you hire a licensed and fully insured contractor, you are protecting your most valuable assets, your home, property, and family.

A legally permitted dock enhances your property’s value. Here’s what you need to ask before you sign a contract or build. Ask to see a certificate of Insurance showing USL& H and general liability coverage prior to signing a contract or allowing work to be started by any contractor.

Did you know?

Under Georgia law, if you hire an unlicensed or uninsured builder, you are legally responsible to pay Workers compensation coverage and FICA.

YOU must maintain records for inspection and YOU will be liable for any injuries that occur -- (Things that should be discussed with the builder you select)

Marine Contractors must carry Federal USL&H (Longshore & Harbor Workers) insurance. If you hire a marine builder who does not carry Long shore coverage, YOU will be legally responsible for any injuries that occur. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!

All contractors are required to carry General Liability Insurance. This is to guard against Damage to the homeowner/neighbor’s property, or if the contractor injures someone other than an employee. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY.

If a contractor has paid employees, workers compensation insurance must be provided.

If your marine contractor does not carry Worker's Compensation coverage under Georgia class code 6003F, they are NOT a legitimate marine contractor. This is a felony that exposes YOU to the liability of an onsite job injury.

1099 contractors can expose you to liability for any injury on the job site unless they carry Worker's Compensation coverage under Georgia class code 6003F.